Strategic Brand Development

As to not entirely disengage the strategic brand (WIP) from the established corporate brand (GMP), the ‘topper’ of the home page prominently showcases an entire Navigation Bar dedicated to the www.gmp.uk.com website. Furthermore, this allows visitors to easily associate all brands (in this case, all publications) under the corporate umbrella and familiarise themselves with the ‘supplementary editions’ of the main magazine, WIP.

Digital Ad Strategy:

Exclusivity was a must due to GMP operating in a niche market, mainly targeting Genset manufacturers; in turn, a limited amount of advert spaces were offered in the design. This aimed to allow the brand to charge a higher price further down the line, in relation to the element of “exclusivity” and access to a highly targeted audience.

The banner ad pricing was suggested to be set (only slightly*) lower than the competition in the initial launch stages. *As to avoid damaging brand perception.

+ 600 new visitors/month since launch
+ Full marketing collateral + media kit
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