Link To The World

Initial designs play off the company slogan “Power Link The World”:

"Your Link To The World" slogan relates to the 'Business Partner Network' and product offerings.

"Access Your Link To The World Today" – encourages customers to get in touch.

"Your Link To Reliability" – relates to the brand's continuous power products and emphasises reliability as the main benefit; can also be utilised for further specific products.

“Fist” design represents: strength, power, unity.  

"Your Link To Tranquility" – relates to silenced generator products – calmness, relaxed, worry-free etc.

The word "LINK" in each slogan is ‘outlined’ as to create subtle emphasis that to access or ‘fill’ this "LINK" to particular service/product they should adopt PowerLink.

All of the above slogans and designs were created in aim to fuse together both functional and emotional benefits.

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